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SW Security Guards are all registered and fully trained as per requirements and standards.

SW Security Guards go that extra mile as we improve daily on our reputation of exceptional service delivery and always strive for the highest standard of excellence in order to deliver the best service possible to our clients in terms of Guard Services.

All guards receive ongoing training and evaluation by our clients and SW Security Operational Managers weekly. Guard services are analysed on a daily basis to ensure positive improvement which includes training and upgrading where necessary.

All SW Security Guards are action orientated personnel who have a passion to do crime prevention within the frame work of the law, dressed in full clearly identifiable SW Security uniform.

On a weekly basis, the Operational Manager meets with clients or an appointed site representative for site and premises inspection to address any shortcomings. Immediate actions are taken to restore and implement regulations.

All SW Security Guard sites and premises are visited daily by the Security Guard Supervisor who, together with the Guard, provides on-site in section and training where necessary.

All SW Security sites and premises clocking points are monitored by the Control Centre personnel and backed up by the Armed Response units.

SW Security only commits to a contract if we are sure that we can meet and deliver the requirements, according to our own unique high standards and service levels.

If you are in need for guard services, give us a call, as we understand the definition of professional service delivery with high standard specification requirements.